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ReZoning Notice for Blue Stem Ridge Residents

Dear Property Owner,

 On or about September 14, 2012, you were given notice of a public hearing at the Moore Planning Commission to consider Rezoning Application #893 from A-1 Rural Agricultural to C-3 General Commercial and R-1 Single Family Dwelling District. The purpose of this letter is to provide more details concerning the rezoning application.

 History of Property

 In 2002, Rezoning Application #692 was approved, zoning approximately 35 acres on the southeast corner of SW 34th Street and Santa Fe Avenue and along the frontage of SW 34th Street from A-1 Rural Agricultural to C-3 General Commercial. At that time, the property owner had no immediate plans to develop the property, and it has since remained vacant.

 In 2008, Rezoning Application #817 was approved, zoning approximately 96 acres of the property to R-1 Single Family Dwelling District to be developed as a single-family subdivision, known as the Sendera Lakes Addition. The final plat for Sendera Lakes, Section 1, was approved by Moore City Council in 2012, and development is currently underway.

 Current Application

 On October 9, 2012, at 7:00 pm, the Moore Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at Moore City Hall to consider Rezoning Application #893. If approved, this application would change the zoning of the existing pond and drainage ways from A-1 Rural Agriculture to C-3 General Commercial and R-1 Single-Family Dwelling District (please refer to the attached map).  The R-1 property would be incorporated into the developing Sendera Lakes Addition, and the C-3 property would be incorporated into any future General Commercial developments that may occur in the future on the southeast corner of SW 34th and Santa Fe.

 Any person wishing to appear in support or opposition to the proposed change may do so at the October 9 Planning Commission meeting to be held in the City Council Chambers, 301 North Broadway, Moore, Oklahoma.  The Planning Commission will forward its recommendation to the City Council which will hold a meeting on November 5, 2012 at 6:30p.m.  Protest against such change in zoning shall be filed at least three (3) days before the date of the City Council hearing.  If additional information is needed, or if you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact the Moore Planning Department at 793-5053.

 Thanks to Nora in the City Community Development Office for the above information.

Kindergarten Plans for New Moore Elementary School

A new elementary school is being built nearby at Santa Fe and 34th St.   Presently, there are no plans for an all day kindergarten class.    If this effects you and your family, you might want to speak your opinion to local school officials.


See http://www.mooreschools.com

Administrative team members (Phone: 405-735-4200)

Deputy Superintendent
Susie Pierce, ext. 4249
Email: susiepierce@mooreschools.com

Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Education and Instruction
Mr. Robert Romines, ext. 4277
Email: robertromines@mooreschools.com

Moore Public Schools – Administration – School Board:
-Members, -Districts, -Agendas, -Minutes, -Meeting Dates, -How to Speak at Meetings

Moore Public Schools, I-2
Administrative Service Center, Room 122
1500 S.E. 4th Street
Moore, OK 73160-8232
All meetings are scheduled for 6:00 p.m.

Upcoming School Board Meetings
•    February 8, 2010
•    March 8, 2010
•    April 12, 2010

Neighborhoods Include: Talavera, Bluestem Ridge, Oakridge, Stone Meadows, Stone Meadows South, The Greens Apt’s, neighbor hoods off  Telephone road between Franklin and 19th

For questions or more information feel free to call  – Michelle Smith 405-793-2790.  (Bluestem Ridge)

Blue Stem Ridge Holiday Decorations

I just wanted to let everyone know that we plan on having holiday decorations/ lights installed on both entrances. We are purchasing the lights and wreaths and we would like to consider adding more to our display in the following years. I want to thank Mrs. Sherri Gutteridge (I hope I spelled that correctly)for her help with the holiday decor and also for hosting such a wonderful Halloween event! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!
Jason Gudgel
VP Blue Stem Ridge HOA