Why BSR has CCRs

Why Blue Stem Ridge has Covenants & Restrictions: 

The following is not an official document but an attempt to give some background to the BSR neighborhood and why we have Covenants.

Imagine you are an owner of a huge piece of land. The vision for your property is a planned community which includes a couple residential areas for large, upper class homes, a couple commercial areas, a park, and a residential area for smaller, middle class homes, etc.

To protect your investment, the investment of each of the developers, and the banks who loan money to build out this planned community, it is common to create Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. These CCRs are a stipulation of the land sales to developers and is carried forth to the home owners by attaching the CCRs to each property deed.

(Haworth & McBride had to agree to the CCRs in order to buy the land from Mr. Turner.) Our CCRs run with and binds the land for 100 years and in 20 year periods after that.

If one of the areas, starts to look shabby, run down, it begins to effect the value of the neighboring properties. The shabby homes also effect the value of the other homes within that neighborhood. The condition of the commercial properties effect the residential areas and vice versa. Building materials, colors, structural design are also important.

If you are the land owner, you are going to have trouble selling other parcels in your planned community to other developers, or will have to settle for a lesser price, if a neighborhood becomes an unattractive eyesore. The parcels will not draw quality commercial buyers nor the type of buyers who have the money to buy larger, more expensive homes. Therefore, if one wants to protect one’s investment, it is important to have a plan and a way to enforce it.

Our neighborhood is just one piece of the BIG picture/plan that Mr. Turner had for this area. For the developer who is going to build large homes on the other side of 34th St (where the cows and pasture are presently located,) it is important that our neighborhood look like a lovely, little gem.

With the higher priced homes and properties being built across the street, BSR properties will likely retain and increase in value, which is a good thing! Most home owners would love to sell their homes for more than they paid! If all kinds of structures, miscellaneous clutter and obnoxious colors appear along 34th and Santa Fe, as well as within the neighborhood, it gives a negative impression and appearance of our subdivision. It also puts us at risk for being sued if we do not enforce the CCRs.

As individuals, we also have rights. One purpose of the CCRs is to make sure that your right does not infringe on my right. Some have the right to have storage space, some have the right to not look at something ugly. Therefore, build or purchase a storage space as indicated in the CCR, seek Board permission, and everyone wins.

Some have the right to own a dog, some have the right to enjoy their yards in peace and quiet without constant barking. Keep your dogs under control, pick up their poop and everyone wins.

Some have the right to build a play structure, some have the right to privacy and not have children watching them from their tree fort or looking into their bedroom window. Therefore, build a play structure that is low enough to not infringe on another’s privacy.

When we live in a neighborhood that has homes this close together, we have to consider our neighbor’s rights as well as our own. Does this make sense?

By the time the rest of this area is developed, Blue Stem Ridge is going to be showing its age. You only have to drive down Santa Fe or Telephone road, go down to the next few major intersections and drive towards Western, and you’ll get the unpleasant picture of neighborhoods with no CCRs or no enforcement.

Because there have been questions and misunderstanding about why we have Covenants and Restrictions, this is one resident’s attempt for an explanation.  Hope it helps!                                         © 2008 OKhoa.org