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OKC Thunder & KD

200px-Oklahoma_City_Thunder_svgThe last couple years,  I have been hearing enthusiasm over the OKC Thunder team and an occassional mention of Kevin Durant.   Not being a great sports fan,  I had never sat down to watch a game.

Then I happened to see the MVP speech last week that was made by KD.  Oh my, is there  anyone who has not heard or seen that speech yet?   I am sure he has endured himself to ALL mothers and others alike.

Unfortunately, appreciation is a rare thing to see nowdays.  When someone makes it to the top and acknowledges he/she  didn’t get there by him/herself,  it’s not only refreshing but inspiring.  Kevin is looking like he has the “right stuff” to be a role model. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!  He seems like a great human being!

I watched my first Thunder game last Sunday and plan to watch again tonight.  Go Thunder!


Blue Stem Ridge Neighborhood Party

The Blue Stem Ridge Board is organizing a “Back To School Party”  for our residents.  Let’s get out, hang out, shout out a little friendliness to each other!

Lunch is provided:  Barbeque/Chicken/Baked Beans/Chips.  Bring your own beverage.

This is a great time to get to know your board members.  There will be games for all ages, a dance contest, live DJ and prizes!

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st,  10 am – noon in the cul-de-sac on 31st St.

Many thanks to our new board members and their hard work.

The Moore Tornado


May 20th, 2013 will be remembered by many of us for quite some time.   Even though our neighborhood did not take a direct tornado hit,  we were in the debris field and had building materials scattered over our  streets, yards and roofs.  If you haven’t already checked, be sure to clean out your gutters.  We found a photo of a young boy with a cowboy hat in one of our gutters.

Our neighborhood was quite fortunate compared to those who use to live 1 mile away.  Everyone likely knows someone who experienced  some type of loss:  a home, business or loved one.   After surviving this kind of traumatic event,  you can expect to be in shock,  feel dazed,  have difficulty focusing & making decisions, feel distracted, irritable,  very tired and unueasy with approaching storms.  Please seek counseling if you are having trouble functioning.

I certainly appreciated getting to know my neighbors better after the tornado.  There seemed to be a need to talk with each other and share what we were doing or where we were when the destructive monster approached.   Anytime is a good time to visit with your neighbors.

If  you haven’t considered it before,  you might want to research the installation of an above or below ground shelter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have an overwhelming recovery process ahead of them.