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Blue Stem Ridge Arboretum

It”s been great to see more progress happening on the Arboretum that adjoins Blue Stem Ridge. We have seen workers this week building sidewalks and walking trails amongst the trees. This is going to be a great area for families and individuals to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as getting exercise.

Moore Arboretum Update in Blue Stem Ridge

It is upon rare occasion that Moore and OKC are able to works things out which involves both parties…as they are usually fussing over annexations for tax dollars.  Thank goodness for exceptions to the rule! 

OKC will go ahead and bring the 48 inch water main down another 1000 feet to the creek that borders between the Arboretum and Bluestem.  Completion of the installation of this last 1000 feet will allow Moore to work on the drainage from the ponds that have been created in Arboretum as well as from our neighborhood.  This will mark the beginning of the installation of the Moore Arboretum!

The water main for the mile between Telephone Road and Santa Fe will occur in 3 phases.  The first phase will be from the corner of Telephone Road and 34th sometime around mid October to early November.  Once this initial portion has  been completed the water main will end right about 1000 feet east of the creek that runs between Bluestem and the Arboretum. 

The additional 1000 foot of pipe for this second phase  has been ordered.  Manufacturing and delivery of the pipe may take up to 6-8 weeks at best.  This should allow  the installation of phase two, which will go through the Arboretum sometime in December.  

The third installation on this mile will not begin until 2009.  See the following article regarding this part of the installation.  I hope this is of great interest and a large sigh of relief  to those living in Blue Stem bordering 34th.  I will keep you posted
Judy L. Hall

Moore News for Neighbors along 34th St!

The easement has been purchased by OKC for the 48 inch water main on the south side of 34th.  This will prevent the water main from being placed in the backyards of those homes which backup to 34th as previously planned.
This 1500 foot of main is out to bid.  Once the bids are received, OKC is prepared to come up with the funds needed for the job.  One of the sources currently being considered to fund the project will be the sale of bonds.  Ground will not be broken for this section of the water main until , at its earliest, spring of 09.

Judy L. Hall

Moore, OK Arboretum Update

Following article was written by Judy L. Hall

It has been a long time coming, but it looks like fall will mark ground breaking for the Moore Arboretum. The hold up right now is 2 fold. There are going to be 3 ponds in the Arboretum. The drainage has to be done by a developer to connect the third pond, which is almost completed, to the second pond. The developer has agreed to go ahead and complete this work prior to fall.

The second wrinkle, and by far the most difficult one, looks like it has a good chance of coming to completion as well.  The city of Moore is currently trying to get OKC to at least bring the water main up to the property line between Bluestem and the Arboretum.  If OKC will comment to this and then follow through with the completion of the 45 inch line, then work on the Arboretum will begin behind Bluestem in the fall. The OKC water main needs to be brought at least to the edge of the property, so that drainage work can be done by Moore for our neighborhood and the Arboretum. If OKC will not bring the pipeline up to the property line between Bluestem and the Arboretum, then construction on the Arboretum will be done in 2 phases instead of one phase. Should construction need to be done in 2 phases then construction will begin up on the hill where the ponds are. This work will not require any widening of the bridge of the creek at 34th.

The city intends for this to be a true Arboretum, not a city park or a  playground.

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