OKC Thunder & KD

200px-Oklahoma_City_Thunder_svgThe last couple years,  I have been hearing enthusiasm over the OKC Thunder team and an occassional mention of Kevin Durant.   Not being a great sports fan,  I had never sat down to watch a game.

Then I happened to see the MVP speech last week that was made by KD.  Oh my, is there  anyone who has not heard or seen that speech yet?   I am sure he has endured himself to ALL mothers and others alike.

Unfortunately, appreciation is a rare thing to see nowdays.  When someone makes it to the top and acknowledges he/she  didn’t get there by him/herself,  it’s not only refreshing but inspiring.  Kevin is looking like he has the “right stuff” to be a role model. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!  He seems like a great human being!

I watched my first Thunder game last Sunday and plan to watch again tonight.  Go Thunder!