Urgently Needed in Blue Stem Ridge!

If you want to know how your dues are being spent, come to the HOA Annual Meeting Monday, November 19th  at 7 pm at the Pioneer Public Library, 225 Howard Dr. in Moore and voice your concerns.

We need at least 5 new board members and new participation!

Our Covenants allow for 9 Directors on the Board: 3 year terms each.   Two of the four present Directors have served almost 5 years.  We need people who are willing to give 2-3 hours a month on either the Board or a committee. We realize everyone is busy but the more who participate, the less the burden on a few. 

•  Do you want to know about Board decisions that affect your property values?
•  Do you want Treasurer Reports & Board meeting minutes conveniently available on  
http://bluestemridge.org  ?
•  Do you want the Covenants fairly and consistently enforced?
•  Do you want an “audit” of the financial records and a financial process that is accountable but practical?
•  Do you want open communication between the Board and neighborhood?
•  Do you want landscaping  issues addressed?
If you support open meetings, open communication, convenient access of Board reports on the website, financial accountability, improvement of landscaping and entrances, please fill out an application to serve on the board and get involved by attending the annual meeting. 

Director Applications are available at http://bluestemridge.org  Look in the left menu for Forms.  Fill out and bring to the meeting.