Blue Stem Ridge & Southmoore High School


Blue Stem Ridge will see the traffic pick up again as the Southmoore students and staff start back to school on Thursday.  Our neighborhood is proud to have such a fine high school in its midst as well as being home to Southmoore’s principal.  

According to 2008 statistics, enrollment was 1,723.  This included 257 seniors, 429 juniors, 527 sophomores, and 509 freshmen. The number of faculty is approx 142.* 

The school day lasts 6 hours, with 55 minute periods for 180 days.* 

We hope you all have a great school year.  We wish the faculty well as they prepare tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.   We hope all students will study hard, ask lots of questions and think for yourselves.  America’s future depends on you!

*These statistics came from the Southmoore HS website.