Christmas Decorating Contest in Blue Stem Ridge!


This is the first year for Yard of the Month in Blue Stem Ridge, so we will "blow it out" during the month of December.  

There will be 4 winners chosen by a special panel of judges. Moore City Manager, Steve Eddy and Moore Asst City Manager Stan Drake, will choose the winners. They will be looking at themes, overall cohesiveness in the decorations and promoting the holiday spirit in Blue Stem Ridge.  (Winners will need to be current on their dues, and in good standing with the HOA. Unfortunately, if you have already won Yard of the Month in 2008 you will not be eligible.)

The prizes are as follows:
First Place: An evening at the Warren Theatre which includes dinner for 4 and a movie with balcony seating. Note there is an age restriction of 21 years of age placed on these tickets by the Warren.  ($130. value.)

Second Place: A $50 gift certificate from the Warren Theater and a $40
gift certificate from our neighborhood Alfredo’s Mexican Cafe.

Third Place: Dinner or lunch of your choice for 2 from McAlister’s
across from Kolhs. Additionally, for those days when it is too cold to
wash your cars, a $25 gift certificate from Moore’s best car wash…
all done from the comfort of your car on Telephone Road across from
Home Depot.

Fourth Place: A night out at Chili’s with a $20 gift certificate
and 1 lb of Starbucks coffee contributed by Starbucks on Western.

Note:  for the month of December, all but the Warren tickets
have been contributed to our neighborhood by local merchants. Prizes
given prior to December’s gifts were also for the most part given to
me by local merchants. Therefore, I ask and encourage you to
patronize their businesses as they have supported our neighborhood in
our Yard of the Month activities.

Sonic;  Lowes;  Marcums Nursery;  Earl’s Ribs;  McAlister’s Deli;
Chili’s;  $3 Car Wash of Moore;  Alfredo’s Mexican Cafe;  Carl’s Junior;
Starbucks on Western; 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Judy L. Hall
Yard of the Month Chair