Blue Stem Ridge’s October Yard of the Month!

They looked at night, they looked during the day, and five families have cast their votes for Blue Stem Ridge’s Yard of the Month.

Each family had a number of votes that could be cast. Each child had (1) vote and each parental couple had (1) vote. Once I received all the ballots back and began going through them, it was confirmed once again that we all see the world thru different eyes.

The winner for the Best Halloween Decorations are Lowana and Dave McCurley! Congratulations!

Lowana and Dave will receive a $25. gift certificate from our local Sonic across from Walmart and a $40. gift certificate from Earl’s Ribs on Moore’s River Walk. They will also have the honor of our neighborhood’s Yard of the Month sign in their yard. Please drive by and enjoy their decorations on Blue Stem Blvd as we get ready for the neighborhood Halloween Party.

Judy L. Hall
YOTM Chair