Blue Stem Ridge Yard of the Month (July)


Congratulations to Frank and Nancy Pickel for winning July’s Yard of the Month!  They live on the west side of 32nd St.  Their hard work earned them a $100 gift certificate from Marcum’s Nursery. 

The following was written by Judy L. Hall, YOM Chair.

"Grass to die for ! All of this time I thought the Pickel’s grass was
Tiff…was I ever wrong! Their grass is Bermuda just like the grass
in my yard. I was dying to ask them "what was I doing wrong". You
will know what I mean when you drive down 32nd Street and look at the
Pickel’s beautifully manicured lawn. Yes, it is Bermuda, but it is
mowed with a mower which is called a "reel blade" mower. I understand
from Nancy that because the mower is so heavy all the mowing is left
to Frank. The Pickel’s have incorporated a variety of shrubs and
flowering plants into their beds that provide color and interest
during all 4 seasons. Frank has balanced the beds with the
architecture of their house with the use of 2 groupings of hanging
baskets filled with seasonal plantings.


The judges this month, Lowana & Dave McCurley, along with Juanita
Garrison, had so many nice yards to choose from. I think that they had
the toughest decision yet of any group of judges because of the ever
increasing number of Bluestem resident’s interest in the curb appeal of their
homes and also the maturity of plantings.

This month concludes Yard of the Month judging based upon plantings
and lawn care. There will be 3 more judging events in the months of October,
November and December all based upon holiday decorations. October’s judges will be looking at Halloween decor, followed by November’s judging for best "Fall Theme" and finally the year will conclude with judging for the best "Holiday-Christmas Theme." 

Monthly prize awards for these 3 months will include but are not limited to restaurant and movie gift certificates.  If you wish to donate 30-60 minutes of your time to be a judge for one of these times, or have an idea for a prize to award future winners, please let me know. It is a great way to get to know some of your neighbors.  My personal contact info is listed on the Yahoo News group or contact me thru this website.  JLH