Moore,OK Firehouse Update

FIRE HOUSE No. 1, in downtown Moore will be torn down and replaced…at the time that it is torn down and replaced, FIREHOUSE No. 1 will be rebuilt behind Home Depot.

Once construction of the new fire house has been completed, you might want to contact your homeowners insurance company as your rates might go down a bit. In determining the cost of your policy, among other things there is consideration made as to how close you are to the local fire department. Ask the insurance company to recalculate the distance from your home to the new fire station and see if it makes a difference in your annual premium. Also, many insurance companies give home owners discounts based upon how close your home is to a fire hydrant. So if you have one in your yard or within a house or two from your home, be sure and mention that as well. It might save you a few more dollars.

Judy L. Hall