Blue Stem Ridge Yard of the Month (June)

Congratulations to the Longs for winning June’s Yard of the Month! They live on Nighthawk Lane. For their hard work, Tom & Michelle won a $50 gift certificate to Home Depot.

Thanks to judges, Sandy Swanner, Claire Ewing & Judy Hall. If you’d like to volunteer for judging, contact YOM Chair, Judy L. Hall,


2 thoughts on “Blue Stem Ridge Yard of the Month (June)

  1. Mrs.Bonebreak

    Congrats! May and June’s lawns are lovely and we appreciate their hard work. Respectfully, we are puzzled by the current YOM (August?) on 31st St., third house from the West gate, Southside. By what standards was this home graded by?

  2. admin

    Nice to hear from you, sorry about my delay in responding.

    Unfortunately, someone decided to play a practical joke, removed the YOM sign from the Long’s home and placed at the location mentioned above.

    The YOM Committee has chosen an August winner and a picture will be posted soon. Thanks for writing.

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