Moore, OK Arboretum Update

Following article was written by Judy L. Hall

It has been a long time coming, but it looks like fall will mark ground breaking for the Moore Arboretum. The hold up right now is 2 fold. There are going to be 3 ponds in the Arboretum. The drainage has to be done by a developer to connect the third pond, which is almost completed, to the second pond. The developer has agreed to go ahead and complete this work prior to fall.

The second wrinkle, and by far the most difficult one, looks like it has a good chance of coming to completion as well.  The city of Moore is currently trying to get OKC to at least bring the water main up to the property line between Bluestem and the Arboretum.  If OKC will comment to this and then follow through with the completion of the 45 inch line, then work on the Arboretum will begin behind Bluestem in the fall. The OKC water main needs to be brought at least to the edge of the property, so that drainage work can be done by Moore for our neighborhood and the Arboretum. If OKC will not bring the pipeline up to the property line between Bluestem and the Arboretum, then construction on the Arboretum will be done in 2 phases instead of one phase. Should construction need to be done in 2 phases then construction will begin up on the hill where the ponds are. This work will not require any widening of the bridge of the creek at 34th.

The city intends for this to be a true Arboretum, not a city park or a  playground.

There will not be any playground equipment installed. As far as picnic tables go, that is still up for grabs as some people have expressed an interest in them however, the city does not want to have to deal with the trash issue that would be created. If there were picnic tables, they would at this time be put up by the parking lot (on the hill).

The parking lot will have its entrance off S. W. 34th.  As for the parking lot, I could not get an answer as to how many spaces would be put in. I do know that the lot will need to be large enough to accommodate the parking and turning around of school buses.

In keeping with the desire to have an Arboretum, there will be many, many trees planted. The planting of these trees, lots of trees will create the canopy for the development of the ECO system need for the Arboretum. There will be lighted walkways with benches throughout, the addition of 3 to 4 more bridges, along with planting of shrubs and other vegetation, there will be a fountain in one of the ponds as well as additional focal points/specimen plantings. These additional focal points and specimen plantings will be paid for by 4 older women in Moore who are gathering donations, having funds raisers, and selling baby trees to raise money…thus far they have collected over $30,000.  The city does not know at this time whether the maintenance will be done by city employees only or by city employees aided by volunteers.

For my neighbors on Nighthawk…the walkway behind your homes will be on the east side of the creek. This path will be lighted. However, at the time of installation of these lights, they will not be shielded. Please contact me if you find that the lighting is disruptive to you in your homes at night. I have been told that upon notification, the city will come out and install the shields.

So, in closing about the Arboretum, the little "arm" that comes into our subdivision will not have any picnic tables and no playground equipment. The side walk will be completed and cut. A pathway will be put down as well as other plantings installed. I have asked that a "curfew/no loitering" sign be placed at this point in the Arboretum,  which the city agreed to.   JLH

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